Greetings and welcome to the AI2020 blog…

My name is Sami Tayara, a data architect, serial innovator, economist and thought leader. I believe that rising technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have led humanity to a critical juncture similar to the invention of electricity or the internet. It will require people and businesses to make significant adjustments to de-risk this transformation and emerge as winners.

My first mission in this blog is supporting the digital transformation of organizations:

I believe that the 2020s decade will be dominated by data-driven AI-infused business models that can leverage data assets, analytics, the cloud, IoT, and robotics to create better customer experiences and much higher operational efficiencies. Hence the name AI2020.

My approach in this blog includes taking complex technologies like Big Data and AI and distilling them for easy adoption by business leaders. As per consultancy best practices, I will be covering all business dimensions the new technology will enable or impact, such as data governance, skills development, process optimization, and leaner organization.

Whenever we discuss specific software solutions, I am technology and vendor agnostic, always up-to-date on the most advanced platforms, tools and algorithms you can use to enable, simplify, and accelerate your digitization journey.

My second mission in this blog is to support the development of a social responsibility pact whereby the new AI technology will lead to the betterment of peoples’ lives (aka Robotopia) and the avoidance of worst case scenarios like widespread unemployment or underemployment (aka Robocalypse).

So please do join the open discussion, and if you like to contact me directly you can email me at

Have a safe transformation!
Sami Tayara